Daniel DeKoter received his graduate degree in B.A. in Philosophy and English from Calvin College in 1977. He attended law school at the University of Iowa and where he graduated with high distinction. After completing his studies he joined the firm which is now known as DeKoter, Thole & Dawson, P.L.C. which is a professional limited liability company. His general practice includes cases related to civil litigation (personal injury, insurance defense, and business disputes), business and employment law, and estate planning and administration. He is one of the partners of Daniel DeKoter Law Firm which is committed to provide justice to its clients.

Daniel DeKoter Law Firm has a significant litigation practice which includes nationwide representation in product liability defense cases. In such cases, the attorneys of the firm act as lead defense counsel for clients in jurisdictions such as Texas, Missouri, Connecticut, Ohio, Minnesota, New Mexico and other states. These cases usually include vehicle accidents and the amounts in such disputes are often in millions of dollars.

Daniel DeKoter Law Firm also represents several insurance carriers and a railroad throughout Iowa.Over the years, the firm has also represented several injured persons in cases involving water sports accidents, workplace sexual harassment, automobile accidents, nursing home liability, falls on premises, truck and trailer accidents, and other situations.

Daniel DeKoter Law Firm has also facilitated its clients with estate planning advice which includes matters related to wills, financial powers of attorney, revocable trusts, life insurance trusts, health care powers of attorney and related estate planning documents. The law firm has a dedicated team of highly knowledgeable professionals who have years of experience in estate planning. The legal assistant of the firm who deals with cases related to estate planning holds more than 30 years of experience. For more information, please browse through www.sibleylaw.com.